How to build a crypto community from scratch?

How to build a crypto community from scratch?

The first 100 — how do we get it?

Building a crypto community — no matter if you have a token or not, all comes down to getting the basics right, such as the right platform mix, the community experience, setting a reasonable goal, knowing who's your community members, and building great content and resources while providing value. Let us break it down to you.

1. A crystal clear mission

What are you trying to achieve with your community? Try to communicate your mission as clear as it can get, repetition is key, from making a community pledge to even your own commandments or community guidelines.

Let's take a look at Ryder, a modern cryptocurrency hardware wallet built by a community of makers. Currently, it has a private Discord server that gathers all selected makers that want to contribute to bringing true self-sovereign identity in the digital world. The current server is used to establish a community feedback loop for product development and code contribution.

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