What is a community?

What is a community?

What is a community anyways?

Community is a term that is used a lot in the crypto space. But what is its true meaning? Just like success, we think of a community as subjective. Each one of us has our own meaning of community, and that's okay. We think that what makes every community special, a definition in which we resonate the most and the reason why we join one.

For us, community means a group of people who come together and share the same interest with a common goal, and more importantly, they feel they care about each other.

For example, let's look at the Stacks community and their Code of Conduct by Juliet Oberding that describes its community root ethos of "Can't Be Evil". This rallying cry represents a deep core belief in a user-owned internet flanked by the pillars of privacy and self-sovereign identity. They strongly believe in fundamental digital rights together with decentralization. This ethos is a centrepiece of their community and development.

Never forget that every community has a common denominator: the underlying motivation on why it exists, and this particular motivation is what sympathetic with our own experience and outlook, the main reason why we contribute and believe in one.

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